Our Atlanta Princess Party Characters

We have a large and ever growing selection of Atlanta princess party characters that are available for you to invite to your next royal ball! Many of our costumes are custom made to bring an extra bit of magic to your next Atlanta princess party event. Glass Slipper Entertainment believes in making reality out of your child’s dreams and our professional actors and singers bring our princess characters to life before your very eyes. No matter how big or small your event we have a variety of characters ready to be invited and make it extra special and memorable. Please have a look through the characters we have displayed on this page and request them by name when you fill out our booking form! We look forward to celebrating with you!

Ice Queen

Winter Princess


Flower Princess



Brave Princess



Arabian Princess



Arabian Prince


Beauty Princess

Mermaid Princess

Rose Princess

Glass Slipper Princess


Winter Prince



Prince Charming


Pixie Princess

Fairest Princess


Frog Princess



Latina Princess



Island Princess


Ready to invite one or more of our characters to your princess party?